amazinGRACE® is energy healing in provable form. It takes place in a very short amount of time and without manipulation of the human body.

amazinGRACE® works on the astral body and thus does not manipulate the skeleton or musculature.


amazinGRACE® removes physical and mental blockages and re–establishes a free flow of energy. This becomes apparent through an immediate, perceptible change of the body.

During an amazinGRACE® session, fundamental malpositions are corrected. It re-establishes a healthy order and breaks the downward spiral of illness. Personal life quality can increase again. 

It can rightfully be stated that amazinGRACE® has a comprehensive healing effect that does not even stop at incurable diseases.

Through the power of amazinGRACE® all other healing techniques are amplified and healers are turned into miraculous healers.

A straight, well-adjusted spine is the foundation of a healthy life and the base for recovery.

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Classic amazinGRACE® uses the universal energy and intelligence that surrounds us to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column, healing chronic illnesses as well as painful joints, limbs, and backs with energy.


KAR® Atlas Re-alignment

A method of readjusting the Atlas vertebrae using energy and the client's own healing impulse instead of external manual manipulation.


The first vertebrae, the Atlas, is the apex of the nervous system. Perfect alignment of the Atlas can therefore remove causes of back pain, scoliosis, and headaches as well as various diseases caused by organ stress and mal-function. The energetic re-alignment of the atlas is completely safe and comfortable and leads to a multiplicity of whole-body benefits. 



A simple technique that clears emotional blockages from our lives and helps facilitate physical healing.


In SKY, elements of energetic work and spirituality unite with modern psychology and therapeutic practice. This method makes it possible to lead the patient through a deep resolution process in the protective environment of a healing session, without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing traumatizing memories.


This is a revolutionary form of emotional release. With this experience, the client can come to an inner strength that makes it possible for him or her to deal with future stress situations in a completely relaxed manner. At the same time, the resolution of emotional blockages paves the way for physical health.